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When you need termite treatment or pest control Melbourne, Brisbane or the Gold Coast, you can count on us

000 is a pest control Melbourne based family-owned business which also now services Brisbane and the Gold Coast in QLD.

With almost a decade of experience, we know how to get rid of your pest problem quickly and cost-effectively, with minimal hassle to you. We’re proud that families and businesses all across Melbourne trust us to protect them with our safe and effective treatments.

You can rely on us for:

  • Honest quotes and advice
  • Targeted, warranty-backed treatments
  • Experienced, highly trained technicians
  • Friendly and helpful service

Our Services

000 Pest Control provides safe and effective pest control and termite protection for residential and commercial properties throughout Melbourne and Victoria

000 pest control_ant


Ants are a common household pest. An infestation can turn these tiny insects into one very large problem.

000 pest control_wasp


Wasps can be dangerous and aggressive. If you have wasps nearby, we’ll help you get rid of them to keep your loved ones or staff and customers safe.

000 pest control_bee


While these creatures are integral to the environment, they’re certainly not needed inside your home.

000 pest control_birds


Birds often take roost in the roof voids of the home, from where they can transmit diseases and bird mites, and leave bird droppings everywhere.

000 pest control_termite


Termites, also known as white ants, cause millions of dollars of damage to properties every year.

000 pest control_cockroach


Cockroaches thrive in a home or food-based environment, rapidly breeding and spreading disease.

000 pest control_flea


They might be hard to spot, but the itch is unmistakeable. If you’re concerned about fleas, we can help.

000 pest control_mice


While they might look cute, mice are destructive, dirty and even dangerous.

000 pest control_rat


Rats and rodents can get out of control very quickly if they infest your home.

000 pest control_possum


Possums are very territorial and will quickly make a mess of your home. They can’t be relocated without a licence, so we can help.

000 pest control_silverfish


Silverfish eat cellulose food – gradually destroying books, clothing, and wallpaper.

000 pest control_spider


Regardless of what spiders are in your home, it’s never pleasant to have a close encounter with one.

000 pest control_bedbug

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs spread rapidly and can be hard to spot with the untrained eye.

000 pest control_commercial

Commercial Pest Control

For many businesses, pest management is an important part of your WH&S plan. Our commercial pest control services will keep pests in check, your staff and customers safe, and your reputation intact.

000 pest control_guttermesh

Guttermesh Gutter Guards

GutterMesh is a gutter guard that will prevent pests from taking up residence in your guttering.

Why Trust 000 Pest Control?

When you call 000 Pest Control, you will be looked after by a highly trained pest technician who genuinely cares about solving your problem.
Honest advice

We're always there to help you

Skilled and experienced

Our technicians are all licenced, policed checked and highly trained

Warranty-backed treatments

Because we are 100% sure about everything we do

Affordable prices

Our goal is to solve your problem at the least cost to you

Commercial Pest Management Services

For many businesses, commercial pest management is essential to a safe and compliant business. From corner cafes to major distribution facilities, our comprehensive pest management services will keep workers and customers safe and protect your business reputation.

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Google Reviews - What our clients say

Great Info, competitive price, and super quick turnaround on getting one of their guys out here.. They guarantee the work and if the problem does not exists in 3 weeks that will become 5 Stars
Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson
Max Mayne
Max Mayne
Tino and Ray are always who we could rely on. They have such a quick and wonderful service which I had always gone back to them... this is my 3rd year I have called them to do a full pest control, they are very friendly and get the job done. I am extremely happy with their service ☺️ 😊... if you need a good pest control rely on 000 pest control... can always count on you boys thank you so much for your service and always looking out for me really appreciate it . - Judy and Dinh
jSta Yang
jSta Yang
Brilliant promt service ..No mucking around .Very thorough..No termites here ..Thanks
Damjan Klarica
Damjan Klarica
A+++We were very fortunate to have 000 Pest Control Hampton Park work on our rental property for a wasp nest infestation.They were extremely prompt in their communication and in booking an appointment, advising on the serious nature of the situation. They were extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly.We are very grateful for their assistance in making our home safe.
Excellent work today. Had an efficient and friendly pest controller who worked quickly. Will def be using this company again.
Carla Di Vito
Carla Di Vito

More info about popular pest services

More info about popular pest services

Termite Treatment Melbourne

When you are looking for termite treatment Melbourne services, 000 Pest Control is your local, experienced termite exterminator expert. Termites, also known as "white ants", cause millions of dollars of damage to homes and other structures every year. They can also be a recurring and expensive threat, becoming more active in warmer months in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, and they will burrow long distances to reach your home. If you’re not concerned about the presence of termites in your property, you really should be. Call 000 for a free quote for termite control, and ensure you’re protected.

Termite Inspection Melbourne

For termite inspection Melbourne services, get in touch with the experts at 000. You should get an inspection from a professional termite exterminator at least once a year; who may recommend prevention or treatment services.

000's termite inspection services will create a report on which areas of your property have a termite risk, as well as highlighting any previous termite damage. Our professional equipment is designed specifically for termite inspections, and we also look for visible signs of infestation in areas such as the roof, under the floor, inside the building and even in the surrounding grounds.

For a comprehensive report to assess your risk for termites and offer you peace of mind, please contact 000 Pest Control today.

Bee Removal Melbourne

There are over 1500 species of bees native to Australia, most of which are active in the warmer months of the year. While many of us are well aware of the positive impact that these insects have on our environment, it can be a problem if they take up residence in your home. They can be a serious threat to your health, especially if someone has an allergic reaction to bee (or wasp) stings.

Fortunately, it’s often possible to remove them rather than eliminate them, so that we can keep you safe while protecting these important creatures. At 000 Pest Control, our pest experts will do everything we can to attempt a non-lethal bee removal and relocation.

Wasp Removal Melbourne

Few things send a shiver down the spine quite like encountering a wasp nest in your home or commercial property. If wasps have found their way into your home or business, fast and effective wasp control is the only answer.

Wasps can be very dangerous, and so it's important to take immediate action to exterminate your wasp colony.

Take the sting out of facing those pests with professional wasp removal Melbourne services from 000 Pest Control.

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