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000 is Dandenong’s leading pest control service. Call now for your fast, free quote. Low toxicity solutions, same-day service, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Ants, termites, rats, cockroaches, bed bugs—we get rid of them all!


Why Choose Us?



000 has been serving Dandenong and all of the Melbourne area for years. We take pride in our fast service, personalized approach, and satisfaction guarantee. That’s why Dandenong keeps calling us whenever they’ve got unwelcome guests!


Here’s what makes us the best in town!


Our Personal Touch


We aren’t a big pest control outfit. We’re a small, family-run business. We understand what you’re going through when your home or business is threatened by unwanted guests. We always perform a thorough inspection and provide helpful details so you know exactly what we’re about to do and why.


Safety First


Safety is our #1 priority. We were an early adopter of safe, low-toxicity solutions that eliminate pests WITHOUT jeopardizing your family, home, or business.


Same-Day Service Available


You shouldn’t have to deal with an infestation for days on end. Every minute wasted is another minute when your family, home, or business is at risk. Our ultra-fast response team is available often the same day, meaning we can assess and eliminate infestations in 24 hours or less.


Services That Keep on Giving


Most companies just rid your home of pests. At 000, we help rid your home of pests AND make sure they don’t come back. Gutter mesh, termite barriers, anti-insect treatments—we use every tool in our arsenal to make sure the pests are gone and don’t come back.


Our Dandenong Pest Control Services


If you don’t want 'em, we can get rid of ‘em. Here are the most popular Dandenong pest control services:

Termite Control Dandenong


Termites can destroy your home and put your family in harm's way. Not to mention cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.


And then they’ll come back and do it all again next year. If you don’t take care of this problem immediately, it may get out of control. We will assess the infestation, exterminate it, and erect barriers to make sure they never come back.


Spider Control Dandenong


Fear of spiders is usually just an overreaction...except in Australia. Normally, we’d be afraid of spiders, too. But we’ve got some high-tech equipment that tips the scales. If you’re too afraid to hit them with a newspaper, we’ll blast them out of your home!


Cockroach Control Dandenong


Cockroaches love setting up shop in your home—until we show up. Instead of harmful chemicals, we set child and pet-safe traps that cockroaches can’t resist. That way, you can avoid spraying chemicals all over your home or business. It’s the safest way possible to rid your home of an infestation.


Possum Removal Dandenong


They may look cute, but don’t be fooled. Possums are very territorial. If they decide your home is their home, then you’re in a fight! Luckily, we know how to neutralize them safely. And we’ll get it done quickly to save you the embarrassment!


Commercial Pest Control Dandenong


Your business can’t afford a pest infestation. Structural issues, loss of customers, a health violation—it’s not a matter of if but when. At 000, we specialize in helping Melbourne Area business stay pest-free, preserve their reputation, and keep the government off their backs! Call now for special commercial rates and service times!


Ant Extermination Dandenong


Ants might look harmless, but just wait until they bite! And if you’ve got pets, it’s even worse. Ants can destroy a home or at the very least put your pets in danger. Call us now and we’ll put an end to them!




Q: Is my family safe? I’ve heard bad things about anti-pest chemicals.

A: Yes, you are 100% safe. We understand your concerns. While many solutions are harmful to humans, we use only low-toxicity solutions or in many cases traps that don’t’ require us to spray anything.


Q: Are you licensed and insured?

A: Yes, we are fully licensed and insured. You have nothing to worry about.


Q: Which kind of pests do you deal with?

A: We deal with any insect, rodent, or pest with wings (except dragons!). Ants, cockroaches, termites, birds, rats—you name it.


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