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If you’re looking for reliable pest control for your home or business, 000 Pest Control Brisbane has you covered. Call 000 on 0414 973 807 today for experienced and effective pest control services in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

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Pest Control Brisbane
With many years’ experience, our highly trained pest control technicians provide cost-effective, modern solutions to your pest issues using non toxic treatments.

Our honest and friendly approach, in depth knowledge and fast response times has paved the way for us to become one of Brisbane’s most trusted pest control services.

You can rely on us for:

  • Honest quotes and advice
  • Budget-friendly solutions
  • Targeted, warranty-backed treatments
  • Experienced, highly trained technicians
  • Friendly and helpful service

A residential pest exterminator you can count on

Don’t let pests turn your home from living the dream to a living nightmare – think noise disturbance, damage, mess, germs and spoiling your food.

As a busy homeowner, a costly and disruptive pest outbreak is the last thing you need.

You can always count on our licensed and experienced pest control technicians to offer honest advice and budget-friendly treatments to eliminate a range of pest outbreaks. Contact 000 Pest Control today for an obligation-free quote.

Commercial pest control you can count on

Commercial pest control Pest outbreaks can have devastating effects on businesses and commercial properties. This includes damaging your reputation, contaminating stock, and turning away customers and staff. You may even be penalised with hefty fines for not adhering to strict government health and safety regulations.

At 000 Pest Control Brisbane, our technicians are experienced in managing and preventing pests from infiltrating businesses of all sizes, across all industries.

We are up to date with Australian Standards in every industry and apply our treatments discreetly to ensure that pests do not hinder your business operations from running as smoothly as possible.

Pests we treat

Termite Treatment

Termite treatment and control Termites have been known to penetrate unprotected homes and businesses in Brisbane, thanks to our ideal weather conditions. Many people are unaware that they have a termite outbreak until it’s too late – if you notice signs of building damage, the harm has already been done.

We offer thorough termite inspections and comprehensive prevention methods, and aggressive, targeted treatment. For warranty-backed termite treatment, call 000 Pest Control today.

Rat removal and control

Rat removal and control Capable of causing more physical damage to your home than mice, rats have a larger build and stronger teeth which are constantly gnawing at whatever is nearby.

Whether it’s your plaster walls, water pipes, timber structures or even electrical wiring, a rat outbreak can create a noisy disturbance, damage your home and spread diseases.

To eliminate a rat outbreak, our technicians can install a system of baits and traps for very effective rat control.

Mice removal and extermination

Mice control and extermination If you have a few mice living in your home, it doesn’t take long for them to multiply and cause a major outbreak. You’ll hear them squeaking, chewing and scurrying around in your roof and wall cavities.

The typical mouse looks for food in unhygienic places and spread the germs they’ve picked up. Our team can stop mice from running amok in your house by using baits and traps.

Spider control

Spider control Most of us have encountered the odd spider or two. But when you have an outbreak, it can be overwhelming to see so many of them crawling all over your furniture and belongings while spinning messy cobwebs wherever they please.

Even worse, some spiders found around Brisbane such as the Redback and Funnel Web are venomous, and an outbreak can pose a significant risk to your safety.

If you need a fast and effective spider treatment, local 000 Pest Control technicians can help with targeted sprays and applying dust to affected areas.

Bee removal

Bee removal and control In Brisbane, beehives can sometimes be found in places which are too close for comfort. For example, a tree hollow in your backyard, roof or wall cavity. This means you may see many bees buzzing in and around your home, which is noisy, frightening, and even dangerous, especially for those with allergies.

Our technicians are specially trained in bee handling, so you can trust us to safely and humanely remove, relocate or exterminate beehives.

Wasp removal

Wasp removal and control Wasp nests look very different to beehives, and sometimes you can find them in unusual spots, including underneath decks, patios, eaves and sun shades or within roof and wall cavities.

It’s best not to approach a wasp or their nest, because they can become very aggressive and are capable of stinging more than once. If you kill one wasp, it will cause the rest of the colony to swarm

Instead, call 000 Pest Control Brisbane straight away. You can trust our skilled and experienced technicians to safely handle and remove wasp nests and eliminate your wasp outbreak.

Ant pest control

Ant pest control Ants may be small, but an entire army of ants can be difficult to control once an outbreak is established. They crawl literally everywhere, from rotting waste to your pantry, looking for food.

This can lead to contamination of your home and the spread of germs and diseases. Over time, they can even cause structural and electrical damage.

For a fast-acting ant treatment and removal service, you can contact 000 Pest Control Brisbane today.

Silverfish control

Silverfish control Usually found lurking around wet areas such as the bathroom, kitchen and laundry, silverfish can cause damage to wallpaper, clothing and spoil food. It can be hard to tell if you have an outbreak because silverfish are excellent at hiding, often in places which are difficult to reach.

Fortunately, your local 000 Pest Control technician has the skills and knowledge to know exactly where to apply silverfish treatments traps and dust to ensure that they are gone for good.

Flea treatment and control

Flea treatment and control If you’ve noticed your pet behaving differently and scratching itself more often, chances are they have fleas. Flea bites are irritating and may cause complications in those with allergies. In some cases, they can also transmit typhus, which is an infectious disease.

While it is helpful to clean and wash affected fabrics and floors, sometimes this alone is not enough to get rid of fleas. You may require 000 Pest Control to come over and professionally treat the affected areas with sprays and dust.

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