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Few of us wish any harm on birds, many of which are beautiful and part of a thriving ecosystem. However, harbouring wild birds in your home is not a desirable outcome for many either. Birds often take roost in the roof voids of the home, from where they can transmit diseases and bird mites, leave bird droppings all over your property, and contaminate food and water that you and your family rely on.

To make sure you have an effective, safe removal of any unwelcome avian guests, get in touch with 000 Pest Control and ask about our bird control services.

birds on a roof

Assessing the situation

Before continuing with any further bird control services, it’s not only wise to find out what you’re dealing with, but it’s legally responsible too. There are several endangered bird species in Australia and it may not be legal to disrupt them. Otherwise, learning where they nest and how and why they access the home is crucial before removing them.

Repelling birds

A variety of repellents can be used to make it clear to the birds that their chosen habitat is not safe for them. We can erect physical barriers like bird spikes that prevent them from entering the home, apply chemical repellents, and place exclusion netting.

Removing food sources

Birds often choose a habitat for its easy access to a reliable source of food. If there are food sources near the property, then removing them can be an effective form of control. When the birds run out of food, then they are likely to fly off in search of an area that provides the food they need instead.

Disrupting their habitat

One of the most effective ways of controlling birds is simply to target their nest. Finding the nest is crucial, and they can be anywhere from lofts and vents to old cracks in the exterior and the roof. We can completely remove the nest and block off access to the area with materials like wire mesh and solid materials to stop them from re-entering and rebuilding.

We can also use similar strategies to disrupt their breeding cycle, such as removing eggs wherever they have been left. Eggs may have to be removed several times during the breeding season.

birds on a gutter

Extermination if necessary

If there are no other options, then a lethal method of bird control may be necessary. This can include leaving poison in areas likely to attract attention or trapping the birds. However, we will usually explore all other options, leaving extermination as a last resort.

At 000 Pest Control, we can make sure that we remove that bird from your home as carefully and quickly as possible. Keep your home free from contamination and live with your head held high and no fears of a bird swooping down on it.

Get in touch with us today and we can provide an inspection and highlight the most effective bird control strategy for your specific circumstances.

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