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Silverfish are small, silvery insects that wiggle a little bit like fish, hence the name. Silverfish are harmless to people: they can’t hurt you in any way. But it can be a nuisance if your home becomes overrun by them. The problem with silverfish is that they are very good at damaging anything in your home which contains their cellulose food. Books, clothing, and wallpaper all contain cellulose because they all contain tough plant fibres. And so silverfish will seek out these products and try to eat them as food.

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Why Do Silverfish Infest People’s Homes?

Silverfish can infest anyone’s home and for no apparent reason. However, much of the time, silverfish become a problem because a home provides the kind of habitat that they want. Silverfish mostly thrive in moist and damp conditions. This is why you are likely to find silverfish in the kitchen or bathroom. Silverfish are attracted to wet surfaces and prefer to live in places in your home that are prone to accumulating moisture.

Keeping all silverfish out of your home probably isn’t practical, but there is a lot that you can do to keep their presence to a minimum. The first thing to do is to make sure that the humidity level remains low in at-risk areas of your home. Humidity content in places like the bathroom can lead to condensation, providing the perfect conditions for silverfish to thrive, so using a dehumidifier can lower your risk of attracting these creatures to your property. Silverfish reproduce rapidly, so it’s also a good idea to prevent them from using anywhere in your property as a nesting site. Silverfish love the gaps in your caulking to lay their eggs, so filling these in is a must.

Finally, silverfish will opportunistically take advantage of any food that you leave lying around your house, so regular vacuuming is essential. You need to vacuum at least once per week to remove any easy-access sources of food that could be lurking on your carpets and floors.

Silverfish Removal Process

Many people try DIY silverfish removal remedies, but these aren’t always effective. The problem with DIY fixes is that you often leave some of the silverfish remaining and don’t prevent them from multiplying their numbers. Professional extermination removes all of the silverfish from your home, eliminating the exponential growth problem. When silverfish cannot reproduce, their numbers fall quickly, and the problem soon goes away.

The type of silverfish removal process that you choose depends on your specific circumstances. The treatments can differ depending on whether you are at a residential or commercial address, and can change depending on the type of business activity in which you are engaged.

The treatment is targeted and discreet. Many operatives take pains to ensure that they do not draw attention to themselves. Silverfish can be eliminated quickly, without the need for announcements of discussions. Sometimes a surveyor will come to your property to investigate the nature and extent of the problem before recommending any action. It all depends on your circumstances.

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