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No one likes the idea of an unwelcome guest in their bed, nor do we like to imagine them feeding directly from our body. However, bed bugs are becoming a more frequent problem in Australia as of late and can be hard to spot initially. Get rid of these bloodsuckers, the irritation and swelling they cause, and the risk of allergic reactions with a complete bed bug control service from 000 Pest Control.

close up of bed bug

Bed bug inspection

All our services begin by inspecting areas that can be affected by bed bugs. Our inspections focus primarily on sleeping areas, such as mattresses and bed bases, but bed bugs may also hide in hidden spots like crevices and behind picture frames. When we have located them, we generate detailed reports on where they are, how extensive the problem is, and which treatments we recommend.

Bed bug removal

First of all, we want to remove bed bugs from the home, done by making their usual haunts as inhospitable as possible. We do this using fast-acting insecticide on the areas frequently touched by bed bugs, as well as a different, long-lasting insecticide that is placed in the hiding spaces such as crevices, cracks, and undersides of furniture that ensures they have no place to hide.

Bed bug treatment

We can also prevent new infestations of bed bugs from moving into the area with dust insecticide that’s applied to areas and baseboards, making sure that once they’re gone, they’re not coming back.

bed bug on blanket

Learn more about bed bug control and arrange an inspection by getting in touch with 000 Pest Control today. We can help you rid your bed of these unwelcome pests

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