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There’s nothing we love more than helping our customers get rid of their pest issues. If you have a pestering question, give us a call or find the answer you need below.

About our services

Do you offer quotes over the phone?

Yes, if we are able to get enough information over the phone. We may need to ask you several questions about your pest concerns in order to give you an accurate quote.

Are your treatments pet friendly?

Not while they are being applied, but they become non-toxic once dry. We take precautions to apply them as carefully as possible and leave clear instructions to keep your pets safe.

Which suburbs do you service?

All suburbs within a 50km radius of Melbourne CBD.

What kind of pests can you handle?

Ants, bed bugs, birds, cockroaches, fleas, possums, rats, mice, silverfish, spiders, termites, wasps and bees.

Are you licensed?

Yes, our pest control operators and technicians are fully certified and licensed as per government regulations.

Is it safe to spray chemicals in my home?

Yes, we use low-toxicity products to minimise health risks for you and your family.

Do you do same day service?

Yes, in many cases we can even eliminate your pest problem within 24 hours.

Do you offer any guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services and products.

Termite questions

How often do I need to have a termite inspection?

As per government guidelines, we recommend a termite inspection once a year.

How often does my termite barrier treatment need to be replenished?

Every two to five years.

How much does a termite treatment cost?

Between $1500-$6000, depending on the severity of the outbreak, size of your property or affected area, and other factors. Contact us for a more precise free quote.

If I’ve already had termite treatment, do I still need to have a yearly inspection?

Yes, because there is no guarantee that termites won’t return. They may still be able find a way to breach the treatment and physical barriers.

How often does a termite barrier need to be replaced?

Every year for termite baiting and monitoring systems and every 6-8 years for Termidor. It also depends of the type of barrier that you have installed.

Creepy crawly questions

Can you remove ants with a spider spray?

No, because ants and spiders are sensitive to different chemicals. Once the aerosol reaches the spider, it is immobilised straight away. To destroy an ant colony, the poison must not immediately immobilise the ants, but instead be collected by worker ants and carried back to the colony underground.

Should I eliminate a spider or ant outbreak first?

The spider infestation as it is the easiest and fastest to control.

Are we allowed to be at home during the spider spray?

For outdoor treatments, you can be at home provided that you keep windows and door shut. For indoor treatments, depending on the weather, you’ll need to leave the house for two to three hours.

Is cockroach spray the same as spider spray?

For regular cockroaches, yes. For German cockroaches you’ll need something stronger and spray more extensively, as they are clever at hiding in tight spots and less affected by spider sprays

Should I spray pesticides inside and outside?

If the pest problem is located indoors, you’ll only need to spray inside.

How often should I apply pesticide spray?

You should start applying these in the lead up to the warmer months of the year.

Rodents, possums and birds

Does rodent bait poison other pests?

Secondary poisoning is very unlikely as we use the highest quality bait stations.

Do you harm the possums?

No. We follow government regulations and safely relocate them in a new home.

How can I tell if I have possums or rodents in the roof?

Rodents are noisy during the day and night as they are always active, whereas possums tend to be active just before dawn and after dusk.

If I have rats and mice, can I just leave them be?

No. We do not recommend ignoring them because they can breed quickly, spread germs and cause extensive damage to your home and electrical wiring.

How do you control a pest bird outbreak?

We normally use gutter mesh, but if an outbreak is severe, or you have a commercial property, we can apply chemical traps. If necessary, we have a bird shooting license to quickly eliminate the problem.

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Reviews - What our clients say

Prompt, efficient, friendly. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks for great service.
01:07 05 Aug 22
Had a terrible cockroach outbreak in our holiday apartment in Surfers Paradise and 000 Pest Control got onto the job at a time that suited us and even came back to top up the insect gel. Haven't seen a live roach in weeks.Excellent customer service!
The QuickFit Group
The QuickFit Group
06:10 26 Jun 22
Michael Tran
Michael Tran
07:23 05 May 22
Punctual and good communication explained everything very well would recommend for all your pest needs... Thank you
Matt Healey
Matt Healey
22:17 20 Apr 22
The young gentleman who came out was punctual, patient with all the questions fired at him about rodents, helpful and efficient. Haven't heard any mouse noises or seen any mice since he came. Thank you, hoping it stays that way🤣
Marianne Bateman
Marianne Bateman
23:52 16 Apr 22
Ray was vey thorough and professional, on time and full of information too . Fair pricing and would use agin .
Matt Featherston
Matt Featherston
06:58 30 Mar 22
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