Bee Removal Melbourne

There are over 1500 species of bees native to Australia, most of which are active in the warmer months of the year. While many of us are well aware of the positive impact that these creatures have on the environment, that’s no reason to want them inside your home. For one, they can be a serious threat to your health, especially if someone has an allergic reaction to bee or wasp stings.

That said, attempting to remove them rather than eliminate them can keep your home safe while protecting these important creatures. At 000 Pest Control, we will do everything in our power to attempt a non-lethal bee removal and relocation, though it is not always possible

Bee removal

Depending on where the bees are located, removal can either be relatively straightforward or a little more complicated. When looking for a new location, they may swarm around bushes and trees, which is easier to deal with. However, if they have relocated inside the tree or the wall itself, this can be harder to deal with. Part of the wall may have to be removed and repaired or the tree might have to be cut down or cut into.

When access has been made to the bees, we make an attempt to capture the queen bee and many of the worker bees. Success is not guaranteed, as the queen often does not survive the process or relocates before they can be captured and many bees can be lost in the process. Either way, once captured, we can relocate them to a safe area or integrate them into another colony.

Bee pest control

In some cases, a safe bee removal simply is not possible. For some, the costs of removal are too great, especially if it means having to cut down a tree or having to open up holes in the walls of the home. In other cases, the chances of a successful removal are too slow. For the purposes of bee pest control, extermination is sometimes the only effective solution.

During the process we will find the hive and visit it when it is most inactive, usually during the early morning or late afternoon. Then, we spray insecticides on the nest, effectively eliminating the queen and the vast majority of the workers. From there, the nest can be safely removed and your home left free of bees. The chemicals we use are non-toxic for humans and completely safe to use

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If you believe that you have a bee problem on your property, then get in touch with 000 Pest Control today. We can provide a free quote and inspect the property to see the location and extent of the problem, as well as the species of bee or wasp that you might be dealing with them.

From there, we can help you choose the most effective bee pest control solution, whether we believe we are able to safely remove them, what work might be involved, and whether an extermination may be a more suitable option. The lethal option is our last choice, but one that has to be made sometimes.

Learn more about bee removal and arrange an inspection by getting in touch with 000 Pest Control today. We can help you rid your bed of these unwelcome pests

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