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We are fully licensed and insured, pre- and post-construction termite control experts. Call 0414 973 807 for your free quote.

When you need Termite control Melbourne, we can help you prevent termites from causing extensive and costly damage to buildings.

Termites are attracted to moisture, feed on cellulose fibres inside wood and are able to burrow long distances to cause continuous damage to timber frames within buildings.

To effectively eliminate a termite infestation, treatment must be applied with care by professionals who are highly trained to take appropriate safety measures.

At 000 Pest Control, our termite control technicians have years of experience in identifying, managing and treating termites in residential, commercial and industrial settings. We are fully insured and all treatments are backed by warranty.

  • Termite inspections
  • Termite treatments
  • Termite barrier services
  • Termite baiting

Honest, Effective Termite Control Melbourne

We have many years’ experience in pre- and post-construction termite prevention, eliminating termite outbreaks and conducting routine on-site inspections.

We’ll take the time to discuss any concerns that you may be having, conduct a thorough assessment to come up with a personalised treatment plan, and explain your treatment options.

We are highly responsive to all termite call outs situated within a 50km radius of the CBD as we understand how urgent and stressful a termite infestation can be.

Why trust 000 Pest Control for your termite inspection?

  • We’re fully licensed and insured
  • We’re familiar with all aspects of termite behaviour, from managing outbreaks to routine inspections for early detection
  • We can estimate termite colony size and species to assist with an effective, targeted treatment
  • We use treatments that are safe and high quality
  • You’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing any termite issues, how they’ve been treated and other recommendations
  • We bring our own specialised equipment to ensure that we can detect even the slightest of problems
Termite control Melbourne services
Termite protection Melbourne

Other termite control Melbourne services

Termite inspections

Having yearly routine termite inspections is important to ensure that your home remains termite-free. We conduct thorough inspections using professional equipment and look for visible signs of termites inside and outside, in the roof and under the floor.

Termite treatment

If you have termites, it’s crucial to remove them quickly. After you’ve approved our quote, we’ll give you instructions on how to prepare for the treatment.

We use all types of termite barriers for treatment, including baiting blocks, reticulation systems, a repellent or an attractant with a poison (either Bifenthrin or Termidor), depending on which method best suits your property.

Termite barriers for protection

To prevent termites from damaging your home, whether it is in the pre-construction stage or already established, we offer termite barrier services which keep them away.

This includes inserting a stainless steel mesh barrier into the ground to act as a physical barrier, and applying termiticide. This works best when applied beneath and around the perimeter of the building, underneath pavers, gravel, external walls, stumps, foundations and subfloors.

Worried about termites? Get expert help from our team today

If you have any reason to be concerned that termites have made it onto your property, don’t hesitate to get in touch with 000 Pest Control on 0414 973 807. We can help you take care of the problem before they’ve had the opportunity to cost you thousands in repairs.

Why Trust 000 Pest Control?

When you call 000 Pest Control, you will be looked after by a highly trained pest technician who genuinely cares about solving your problem.
Honest advice

We're always there to help you

Skilled and experienced

Our technicians are all licenced, policed checked and highly trained

Warranty-backed treatments

Because we are 100% sure about everything we do

Affordable prices

Our goal is to solve your problem at the least cost to you

Commercial Pest Management Melbourne

For many businesses, commercial pest management is essential to a safe and compliant business. From corner cafes to major distribution facilities, our comprehensive pest management services will keep workers and customers safe and protect your business reputation.

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Reviews - What our clients say

Prompt, efficient, friendly. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks for great service.
01:07 05 Aug 22
Had a terrible cockroach outbreak in our holiday apartment in Surfers Paradise and 000 Pest Control got onto the job at a time that suited us and even came back to top up the insect gel. Haven't seen a live roach in weeks.Excellent customer service!
The QuickFit Group
The QuickFit Group
06:10 26 Jun 22
Michael Tran
Michael Tran
07:23 05 May 22
Punctual and good communication explained everything very well would recommend for all your pest needs... Thank you
Matt Healey
Matt Healey
22:17 20 Apr 22
The young gentleman who came out was punctual, patient with all the questions fired at him about rodents, helpful and efficient. Haven't heard any mouse noises or seen any mice since he came. Thank you, hoping it stays that way🤣
Marianne Bateman
Marianne Bateman
23:52 16 Apr 22
Ray was vey thorough and professional, on time and full of information too . Fair pricing and would use agin .
Matt Featherston
Matt Featherston
06:58 30 Mar 22
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