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Safe and effective pest control and termite protection. 

000 Pest Control provides safe and effective pest control and termite protection for residential and commercial properties throughout Melbourne and Victoria. As a family owned business we take a personal approach to pest control. As all jobs have differences we explain different treatments to best suit your unique requirements. With same day service available, we can provide your pest control needs fast and efficiently.

All our technicians are fully licensed, insured and have been police checked. For your pest control needs, you can rely on 000 Pest Control to get the job done by professional qualified Technician’s.

We care about you and the environment and only use the safest, lowest toxicity treatments that are safe for you, your family and pets.

Our Services

000 Pest Control provides safe and effective pest control and termite protection for residential and commercial properties throughout Melbourne and Victoria

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Ants are a common household pest. An infestation can turn these tiny insects into one very large problem.

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Wasps can be dangerous and aggressive. If you have wasps nearby, we’ll help you get rid of them to keep your loved ones or staff and customers safe.

000 pest control_bee


While these creatures are integral to the environment, they’re certainly not needed inside your home.

000 pest control_birds


Birds often take roost in the roof voids of the home, from where they can transmit diseases and bird mites, and leave bird droppings everywhere.

000 pest control_termite


Termites, also known as white ants, cause millions of dollars of damage to properties every year.

000 pest control_cockroach


Cockroaches thrive in a home or food-based environment, rapidly breeding and spreading disease.

000 pest control_flea


They might be hard to spot, but the itch is unmistakeable. If you’re concerned about fleas, we can help.

000 pest control_mice


While they might look cute, mice are destructive, dirty and even dangerous.

000 pest control_rat


Rats and rodents can get out of control very quickly if they infest your home.

000 pest control_possum


Possums are very territorial and will quickly make a mess of your home. They can’t be relocated without a licence, so we can help.

000 pest control_silverfish


Silverfish eat cellulose food – gradually destroying books, clothing, and wallpaper.

000 pest control_spider


Regardless of what spiders are in your home, it’s never pleasant to have a close encounter with one.

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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs spread rapidly and can be hard to spot with the untrained eye.

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Commercial Pest Control

For many businesses, pest management is an important part of your WH&S plan. Our commercial pest control services will keep pests in check, your staff and customers safe, and your reputation intact.

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Guttermesh Gutter Guards

GutterMesh is a gutter guard that will prevent pests from taking up residence in your guttering.

Commercial Pest Management Services

For many businesses, commercial pest management is essential to a safe and compliant business. From corner cafes to major distribution facilities, our comprehensive pest management services will keep workers and customers safe and protect your business reputation.

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Reviews - What our clients say

Eva Selwyn
Eva Selwyn
Super helpful , strongly recommended, I’ve been with Tino 000 pest control for 3 years, never had issue with spiders and disgusting bugs problem in my yard, love their work! Will continue use their service , can’t explain how I appreciate them when I need an urgent job done ! Great people, Nice and professional!
lydia Yang
lydia Yang
Have used these guys twice, will use again.
Peter Sanderson
Peter Sanderson
From the moment you speak to the lovely family involved in this business, you know you are in safe, reassuring hands....Extremely professional, caring and courteous. Highly recommend.
JC Williams
JC Williams
I have used 000 Pest Control services over the last three years and I am extremely satisfied with the results and their excellent customer service.Pest management can be daunting, but Tino and his team are clearly experts in this field and they know how to put you at ease, that too with reasonably priced options.They don’t recommend anything more than what is necessary and they back it up with a guaranteed result.I recommend their services 100%!
Minal Chandekar
Minal Chandekar
Excellent and friendly service!
Annette Kleijn
Annette Kleijn
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