Cockroach Pest Control Melbourne

Finding out that you have a cockroach in your building can make you feel uncomfortable in your own home or workplace. Believe it or not, cockroaches thrive in our home environments because they have access to all the food and shelter they need. Finding professional cockroach control and removal will put your mind at ease and free your house of these unwanted pests right away.

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Safe and Effective Cockroach Control

At 000 Pest Control we provide safe and effective cockroach control for residential and commercial properties. We will find the right treatments to suit your requirements and make sure your cockroach problem is dealt with safely and professionally.

Our Program For Cockroach Control

Our qualified technicians will carry out a complete inspection of your building and surrounding environment so that we can diagnose the problem and help you prevent future issues. Here are the steps we will take to remove the pests:

  1. Our full inspection will allow us to report our findings thoroughly
  2. Specialised bait will be applied to deter cockroaches and this is completely safe for pets and children.
  3. Dust might be applied to your wall cavities and floor if necessary.
  4. Our special surface space will be applied in and around your home on completion.

How to Notice Cockroaches In Your Building

If you notice droppings that look like pepper, you might have cockroaches in your building. You may notice spoilt food as cockroaches can get into containers that are not properly stored. Cockroaches also cast off their outer body so you might notice skeletons around your home too.

Keeping Cockroaches Away

Here are a few ideas you can take away so that your property is protected from cockroaches in the future:

-You should aim to reduce the amount of water and food available to cockroaches. The smallest amount of moisture can attract and retain cockroaches, because they don’t need to be fed for a month. Make sure you take your garbage outside overnight, as this will be an ideal environment for cockroaches to thrive in.

-Store any food in your home or property above the ground, in air-tight containers so cockroaches can’t access it.

-Keep rotating your food stock and always monitor any new incoming food being delivered to your business or home.

-Our experts will give you some advice when they visit your property. This will help you to proof your home against cockroach entry. You could try simple steps such as covering holes with protective mesh so that cockroaches can’t enter through cracks and crevices.

a pile of cockroaches

If you have any questions or worries about cockroaches in your home or workplace, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our technicians are fully licenced in extermination and you can rely on them to treat your pest problem quickly and effectively. Our experts will be able to provide you with a free, no obligation quote as soon as you get in touch. We care about the environment too, so you can be sure the lowest toxicity treatments are used.

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