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Australia is home to some 1,500 species of bee and many of the world’s 30,000 identified species of wasp. Most of the time, wasps harmlessly go about their business, catching prey, such as grasshoppers and aphids, leaving people alone. But every so often, their activities can conflict with those of people, creating a wasp control problem.

Wasps are different from bees. Wasps have a pointier body and a section that connects their abdomen to their thorax. Wasps tend to be more aggressive than bees. Both bees and wasps have the ability to sting, though both will usually only use their sting if provoked. Wasps, however, react to the chemicals in the stings of other wasps and become more aggressive. If you get stung near a wasps nest, it can be dangerous and can send the insects into a frenzy where they will start attacking everything in sight.

Controlling wasps is a priority since wasp stings can cause significant damage to people, especially children. The first step to wasp control is finding where the problem lays. If you notice many wasps flying in and out of the same location, then there’s a good chance that you may have a wasp nest on your property. Wasp nests are most common in the summer when wasp numbers peak. Wasps congregate in nests to support the queen and increase their numbers. Wasps nest are dangerous when disturbed, with thousands of angry wasps flying through the air close to your property.

wasps on nest

Wasp Control

There isn’t much that amateurs can do to remove wasps from their properties by themselves. When you discover a wasp infestation, you need to call in the professionals to deal with the issue. Professionals have special clothing that will protect them from the stings of wasps, allowing them to remove and relocate the nest without causing themselves injury.

The wasp removal process can also involve the spraying of pesticides. Pesticides are special chemicals which are safe for people but kill insects. Pesticides work effectively and quickly, and soon eliminate the viability of the nest, forcing any remaining wasps to move on to a new location.

Why Wasp Control Is Important

The process of removing a nest is relatively straightforward, but why is wasp control so important. The reason it’s so important has to do with something called anaphylaxis. When some people get stung by a wasp, their bodies can experience an immune reaction. This reaction leads to swelling all over their bodies, including of the airways. Swollen airways, or anaphylaxis, can prevent breathing which can lead to very serious problems. Wasp swarms, therefore, present a real danger to many people that need to be dealt with immediately to prevent this potentially life-threatening condition from occurring.

Wasps can also cause a lot of distress and prevent people from leaving their homes. The fear of being stung can be enough to force somebody to lock the doors and remain inside, even though they would rather be doing something else. Pest control can eliminate wasp problems quickly.


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