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Few things send a shiver down the spine quite like encountering a wasp nest in your home or commercial property. Whether wasps have found their way into your Melbourne home or business, a fast and effective wasp removal service is the only answer.

Wasps can be very dangerous, and you certainly wouldn’t want to see yourself, a loved one, neighbour, employee, or colleague get bitten by one. Unfortunately, given their sheer numbers, that is the most likely outcome if you fail to take immediate action.

Take the sting out of facing those pests today with professional wasp removal Melbourne services by calling 000 Pest Control today!

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Wasp Removal Services for Residential & Commercial Properties Alike

Wasp nests are major source of stress and fear for homeowners and businesses alike as their presence will incite panic while potentially restricting which areas of the property can be used. For the sake of your daily activities as well as your sanity, taking control of the situation with the help of 000 Pest Control is the only answer.

When looking for a pest control specialist to take care of your wasp nest troubles, you need to find a company that can be trusted to handle all aspects of in a fast, efficient, and affordable manner. There are many incentives for choosing 000 Pest Control for your current infestation problems, including but not limited to:

  • We service both residential and commercial properties
  • We offer 24/7 support
  • All our work is 100% guaranteed
  • We offer top quality service at an affordable price
  • All of our technicians are fully licensed, insured and have been police checked
  • We only use the safest, lowest toxicity treatments that are safe for you, your family and pets.

When you need a fast response, professional service, and convenient solution to your wasp removal Melbourne requirements, give 000 Pest Control a call.

Professional Treatments for Long-Term Solutions

When you notice a wasp nest in your garden or external spaces, you’ll probably do one of two things – run away, or attempt to get rid of it yourself. Quite frankly, neither option will do you any favours.

European wasps are the most common wasps found in Melbourne by far, and they are known to be very aggressive. Moreover, their nests can contain tens of thousands of wasps. European wasps also react, and become more aggressive, to the chemical found in other wasp stings – meaning that victims of one wasp sting are at huge risk of further danger.

Wasp stings can cause major health threats including anaphylaxis, allergic reactions, and even death. As such, you need a team of experts that will dispose of the wasp nest in the most human manner. You need 000 Pest Control. Our experts will check the size of the wasp nest, identify how far wasps have spread, and look for further nests, remove the wasp nest and all wasps in a safe and low toxicity manner, and take the necessary precautions to ensure that there are no colonies left to build future nests.

As such, 000 Pest Control provides the perfect solution to your wasp problems, including prevention of future troubles.


If your home or business is hit with a wasp problem, you need to take control of the situation NOW! So give us a call to book a visit from one of our agents on 0414 973 807.

FAQ's About Wasp

What is the difference between bees and wasps?

Good question. A lot of people differentiate bees and wasps solely by the fact that bees often die after stinging you. In truth, they are vastly different creatures. Wasps have a body that narrows by the waist while bees have rounded bodies. Meanwhile, wasps are carnivorous, which is why they are important to controlling the population of smaller insects.

As far as you’re concerned, wasps are often more aggressive and can cause more damage with their stings – particularly when their nest is home to thousands of wasps.

Where do wasps like to make their nest?

While bees make their homes from vertical wax combs, wasps construct their nests from a pulp-like secretion. They make this from combining wood fibres, which they have chewed, with their saliva. With tends of thousands of wasps working together, European wasps are capable of producing a large nest in hours.

Nests are often found in shaded areas. While they most commonly appear from late Spring through to late Summer, they can surface in the other months.

Are wasp stings dangerous?

Wasp stings can be very painful, and are known to bring adults to tears as well as children. However, the biggest dangers steam from the venom, which can cause allergic reactions and other serious problems. In a very small number of severe cases, wasp stings have even been known to kill people.

While the dangers are far greater if the stinger is left in the victim’s body, even stings that do not do this can cause a threat.

How should you treat a wasp sting?

When the reaction to the sting is ‘normal’, you can simply wash it and use ice packs to remove the venom and reduce the swelling. When more severe symptoms occur (dizziness, facial swelling, breathing difficulties, reduced blood pressure, etc.), you must call an ambulance ASAP as this is considered a medical emergency.

While most wasp stings are painful rather than dangerous, appreciating the potential severity is crucial.

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