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Some pests are more than just an annoyance or an unwelcome guest. Some of them, like termites, can cause millions of dollars of damage to properties on an annual basis. Termites can be a recurring and expensive threat, repeating their assaults on your household every year as they get more active in the warmer months and will burrow long distances to reach your home. If you’re concerned about the risk of termites in your property, 000 Pest Control offers a variety of termite control services to ensure you’re protected.

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Termite inspection services

Before recommending any termite prevention or treatment services, it’s wise to know the extent of the problem that you’re dealing with. Our inspection services can create a report on which areas of the property have a termite risk, as well as highlighting any past damage done by termites that may be hard to find for the untrained eye.

We bring professional equipment designed for termite inspection and look for visible signs of infestation in areas such as the roof, under the floor, inside the building and even in the surrounding grounds to provide comprehensive reports to offer peace of mind or to highlight just how much of a termite problem you have. We can help determine not only an estimate of the size of the nest or colony but even the species of termite living on the property to help you choose the best treatments.

Termite treatment services

Termite baiting is one of the most effective treatment against termites. After having fully inspected the extent of an infestation, we place termite bait in key areas to attract termites. The termites will collect the bait and take it back to their nest as they would with any other food. However, termite bait contains a chemical called Hexaflumuron, which stops termites from melting, causing them to die. In this manner, it doesn’t take much time or many baiting stations to fully eliminate a termite nest.

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Termite barrier services

During both pre-construction and long after a home is erected, we offer a range of different termite barrier services to ensure that these pests don’t have any easy time making it onto the property. There are two options available, applying termiticide around the building and in select spaces beneath it or inserting a physical barrier of stainless steel mesh into the ground that blocks them from entering.

A full inspection and treatment of the area should be completed before this process. During it, we will lift the concrete, gravel, and pavers around the home or drill through it to ensure the termiticide can be inserted around external walls, stumps, foundations, and subfloors, and that any physical barriers are placed before plugging the holes.

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If you have any reason to be concerned that termites have made it onto your property, don’t hesitate to get in touch with 000 Pest Control. We can help you take care of the problem before they’ve had the opportunity to cost you thousands in repairs.

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